A Wave of Classic

This butterfly was not born pretty nor special. It used to be a disgusting larva, a lonely pupa. After much endurance, a long struggle, only then it evolves into this lovely being. Have you ever feel lonely or even disgusted simply because you are different? A square box in a round hole. When everyone goes for funky vibrant colors, you prefer just the simple black and white? When everyone goes for that funky eye wear, you prefer to go frame less? Have you ever doubt yourself merely from others criticism, comments etc.?

Well, you should not. If you love black and white, love a frame less eye wear, go for it! Cause at Bebe, we are alike you. Bold and different. If you ever think you need a makeover, well, think twice. Everyone is born different. Everyone is unique, just like the butterfly. Sometimes, what you need is just a dress which would be able to bring the best out of you. And you, the only one, who can bring out the best in that dress. The only one, who can show the world what this dress is meant for. A classic black and white will never go out of trend. Even in a ballroom where everyone is in black and white, you can still shine. How? Simple. Believe in yourself, wear it with confidence, flaunt it, do not hold back. In no time, you are the center of attraction.

You will carry with you the wave of classic which will turn all eyes. Doubtful which dress could make you a butterfly? Drop by Bebe. Every dress is carefully selected. Tailored to be different. Chiffon, cotton, nylon, just name it, we have it. Elegance and quality are what we carry.

With our helpful assistants and consultants, you will find your best partner in no time.


Fly with elegance. It is your time.