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are proud to introduce VOUCH MAGAZINE. VOUCH MAGAZINE is the latest lifestyle and commercial magazine in PENANG & JOHOR. It is a FREE magazine to every reader with 20,000 copies which is published every month!

VOUCH MAGAZINE has been providing in depth coverage on the latest lifestyle and commercial issues. We strongly believe it is the most effective way to promote the lifestyle and commercial info through VOUCH MAGAZINE!

VOUCH MAGAZINE is also as Branding Strategy Magazine. We are not only advertising your company info and products but as well providing “16 WOW! Advantages” for you. It can Maximize your Impact, “Squeezes Out” your competitors and create better Brand Awareness! Your Product / Messages will be exposed to your target Customers, Audiences and Market specifically.

Our extraordinary service and marketing strategy provide your company a new opportunity to increase sales and revenues, it can also help enhance and differentiate your Advertisement and Brand Image from your competitors. We strongly believe You and Your company will enjoy “THE WOW! BENEFITS” by choosing this magazine. We have faith in VOUCH MAGAZINE and it will become a well-known branding strategy magazine in the near future!


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